The Truckee Tahoe Airport District works to respond to community needs, safety issues and trends in aviation on an on-going basis. As such, Board and staff implement community surveys, create strategic and master plans to measure impacts and create effective plans for the future.

Airport Community Investments 

 The Truckee Tahoe Airport District makes significant investments back into our local communities. (updated Sept 2018)

➤  Community Investments 2003-2018

Aircraft Operational Activity - Historical Data to Date

KTRK is progressive for an airport its size in tracking flight operational data. Equipment was installed in 2011 that accurately records operational flight track data, aircraft identification numbers and the aircraft type. 

➤ Flight Operations Data 2014 - 2018
Flight Operations data 2013 - 2017   

Airport History and General Stats

Airport History and General Stats, Updated October 2019

Airport Land Use 

➤ TTAD Land Management Plan - DRAFT September 2020
Truckee Tahoe Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan
Compatibility Zone Comparison Map
Airport Influence Area Google Earth
Nevada County Transportation Commission - Airport Land Use Web Link

Airport Publications

➤ "Connected" Summer/Fall edition 2020 
➤ "Connected" Winter/Spring edition 2020
➤ "Connected" Summer edition 2019
➤ "Connected" Winter edition 2018-2019
➤ "Connected" Summer edition 2018
"Connected" Winter edition 2017-2018
"Connected" Summer edition 2017 

➤ "Pilot News" Summer Edition 2020
➤ "Pilot News" Fall Edition 2019
 "Pilot News" Spring Edition 2019 
➤ "Pilot News" Fall edition 2018  
➤ "Pilot News" Spring Edition 2018  
"Pilot News" Fall edition 2017 
"Pilot News" Spring edition 2017

➤  TTAD Annual Report Card 2018
➤  TTAD Annual Report Card 2017  
➤  TTAD Annual Report Card 2016

Airspace Analysis Report March 2016

➤ Airspace Analysis Report Draft

California State Codes and Acts

Airport District Act
A Guide to the Ralph M. Brown Act
The Political Reform Act
California Government Code 1090

Communications Report (Quarterly Slide Deck)

➤ Q2 2020 Communications Report (Power Point)
➤ Q1 2020 Communications Report (Power Point)  

Community Dashboard - Comments & Ops / Communication & Outreach

➤ Q2 2020 Community Dashboard
➤ Q1 2020 Community Dashboard
Annual 2019 Community Dashboard 
➤ Q3 2019 Community Dashboard

➤ Q2 2019 Community Dashboard 
➤ Q1 2019 Community Dashboard  
➤ Annual 2018 Community Dashboard
➤ Q3 2018 Community Dashboard
➤ Q2 2018 Community Dashboard
Q1 2018 Community Dashboard
➤ Annual 2017 Community Dashboard  
Q3 2017 Community Dashboard
Q2 2017 Community Dashboard
➤ Q1 2017 Community Dashboard

Demand Drivers Study

Demand Drivers Study - FINAL

Drone/UAV Policy at KTRK

 Click here for the full 53 page FAA AC#107-2
Click here for a condensed legal brief by Kaplan Kirsch Rockwell of the new FAA small UAS rules and its implications for KTRK and DRONE operators.
Click here for a copy of KTRK's small UAV (DRONE) policy  

Economic Impact Study   

➤ Economic Impact Study, September 2018    

Election Process

➤ Placer County Elections Office   
➤ Nevada County Elections Office  
➤ CA Secretary of State - Airport Board Elections


➤  Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan 
➤  Greenhouse Gas Study (Inventory) 
➤  Greenhouse Gas Management Plan
➤  Executive Hangars - Mitigation Monitoring Plan  

➤  Executive Hangars - Notice of Determination   
➤  MND for Master Plan - MND Document   
➤  MND for Master Plan - Response to Comments   
➤  MND for Master Plan - Mitigation Monitoring Plan  

Flight Procedures (proposed - draft)

 Proposed New Instrument Flight Procedure Feasibility Study 10.2020

Godbe Survey Results

Every four years, the District conducts a community and pilot survey to take the pulse of it's programs and efforts.

2017 Godbe Survey Board Presentation (Power Point)  
2017 Full Survey Results Report, (1,083 pages)  
2013 Full Survey Results Report (1,164 pages)

Hangar 3 "Community Aircraft Hangar" Concept Study Document

Entire Concept Study Document June 22, 2016 (322 pages, allow time for download)   

Master Fee Schedule 

Master Fee Schedule in affect starting 10.16.2019     

Master Plan 2025

This document outlines the facilities and land use plan for the District over the next 10 years. 

Master Plan Report - July 2015 Updated  
ALP - July 2015 Final

Maintenance Plans  

Facilities Maintenance Plan Document
Pavement Evaluation Study / Pavement Maintenance & Management Plan /
Utilities Maintenance Plan Document    

Neighborhood Meetings Report 2016

Neighborhood Meetings - Community Outreach, Summer 2016 Compiled Summary Report  
Noise & Annoyance Frequently Asked Questions

Noise & Annoyance Handbook & Airport Impact Map (CLUP)

Noise and Annoyance Handbook Document  
➤ Airport Community Impact Map (Comprehensive Land Use Map)

Notice to Airport Users - Airport Improvement Projects

Proposed FAA funded AIP's Summer 2018 - Public Comment requested through December 01, 2017
Proposed FAA funded AIP's Summer 2017 - Public Comment requested through January 10, 2017    

Policy Instructions 

Current Policy Instructions for KTRK    

Primary Management Compliance Documents (PMCD) 2017

Development Standards
General Aviation Leasing/Rents and Fees Policy
General Aviation Minimum Standards
Rules and Regulations

Public records Request

Please contact District Clerk Lauren Tapia at (530) 587 4119 x107 or for more information.
➤ Public Doc Request Application

Senate Bill 272 - Catalog of Enterprise Systems

Click here to view Truckee Tahoe Airport's catalog of enterprise software systems Updated July 2017  

Special District Leadership Foundation

➤  TTAD Awarded "District Transparency Certificate of Excellence" 2019  

Truckee Tahoe Airport District Trails Master Plan

Click here to view the airport's November 2016 Trails Master Plan

Waddle Ranch Long Term Forest Management Plan 2013

A document outlining the goals and objectives in maintaining open space property and the forest health contained within.
Forest Management Plan