Drones (UAV)

Drones (UAV)

Truckee Tahoe Airport is CLASS D airspace during air traffic control tower operational hours and at all other time the airfield is designated CLASS E2 airspace.

All DRONE  or Unmanned  Aerial Vehicle (an aircraft piloted by remote control or onboard computers) operations are the responsibility of the tower manager.  

For Drone (UAV) pilots wishing to fly within 4.5 miles of the airport please do the following:

1) Use AIRMAP to complete an electronic flight notification and permission request.

  ➤Click here to be directed to AIRMAP For Drone Pilots

2) Call the tower controller at (530) 414 1641

3) Call Hardy Bullock Director of Aviation (530) 587 4119 x106
     or Stacey Justesen, Safety Coordinator (530) 587 4119  x125