The Truckee Tahoe Airport has 230 total hangar spaces. We offer T-Hangars with doors ranging from 36'6" to 49'6", Executive Hangars with doors ranging from 55' to 64'6", and End Pockets with a door width of 19'6". For additional hangar information and current availability, Monday- Friday during regular business hours, please contact: Jill at 530-587-4119 ext 127 or email: hangars@truckeetahoeairport.com

FAA Policy on Use of Hangars at Obligated Airports
Legal brief by Peter Kirsch on latest FAA Hangar Use Policy.


T-Hangars: $0.3905/sf plus a $20/mth flat electric bill (except for Mike Row which is individually metered)
Executive Hangars: $0.4701/ft plus a $31/mth flat electric bill (except for Lima, November & Papa rows which are individually metered)


Home Basing: <$0.04/sf/mth> Register your aircraft as "Home Based" in either Nevada or Placer County (depending on which county your hangar is in) and qualify for this rental rate discount incentive.
Annual Payment: <$0.01/sf/mth> Pay your monthly rental fees a year in advance in one lump payment and qualify for this rental rate discount incentive.
Fly Quiet 1 : <$0.02/sf/mth> Agree to respect our neighbors by contractual agreement and not to fly between the hours of 11pm - 6am and qualify for this rental rate discount incentive.
Fly Quiet 2 : <$0.02/sf/mth> Agree to respect our neighbors by contractual agreement and not to fly between the hours of 10:30pm - 6:30am and qualify for this rental rate discount incentive plus the FQ1 discount.


Truckee Tahoe Airport reserves a small number of hangars for transient aircraft overnight rental use. The standard rental charge for an overnight T-Hangar is $75 (no tug).  Overnight executive hangar prices vary depending on the size of the aircraft. Additional charges apply for heat requests in the Executive Hangar N-01. Reservations are NOT accepted for overnight hangar rentals. Pilots can check on availability the day that they would like an overnight hangar rental. If available, charges commence immediately upon hangar request, either in person or by a credit card over the phone on a first-come, first serve basis. For overnight hangar availability contact KTRK UNICOM, 7 days per week, 7am - 9pm at (530) 587-4119 ext 100.

*Notes: Additional charges may apply for tug services, special equipment, etc. T-Hangars are NOT heated. 110V power is available. Keys are not issued for overnight hangar rentals, pilots must call, radio or stop by UNICOM to request hangar access. Hangar rental fees are separate from landing fees. Pilots can check into a T-Hangar daily between the hours of 7am - 8:30pm. Pilots can check into an Executive Hangar (for aircraft requiring a tug) daily between the hours of 7am - 4:30pm. Be advised that during snow events, hangar access may not be immediately available.


197 T-Hangars on field rent for $0.3905/sf (avg size 1,200sf) with a flat $20/mth electricity charge plus an annual County Possessory Tax (~$250-350/yr depending on hangar variables)
30 Executive Box Hangar on field rent for $0.4701sf (avg size 4,025sf) with a flat $31/mth electricity charge, except row L, N, & P that are individually metered, plus an annual County Possessory Tax (~$750/yr depending on hangar variables).
Our 10 newest 2019 Executive Hangars (rows November and Papa) rent for $2,800/mth, plus all appropriate utilities.
2 airfield hangars are reserved for commercial enterprises (Hangar 1 - Sierra Aero and the Phoenix Hangar - Civil Air Patrol)
* If you home-base your aircraft at KTRK you will also be responsible for a County levied Property Tax. 


Truckee Tahoe Airport District has implemented a new service policy with regards to hangar tenants requesting access into their hangars.  A service charge of $10 shall be applied to the tenant of record for locking and unlocking the tenant's hangar door when the tenant has temporarily lost or forgotten their keys.  Access to a hangar will ONLY be given to the tenant of record.  For the full written policy visit ➤ https://truckeetahoeairport.com/news/408-locked-out   
For replacement hangar keys, contact Jill McClendon at jill.mcclendon@truckeetahoeairport.com or call (530) 587-4119 x127
For replacement gate access cards, contact Stacey Justesen at stacey.justesen@truckeetahoeairport.com or call (530) 587-4119 x125
Realtor style key lock boxes are available at Dispatch. Shank/door handle style $45. Door or frame mount style $40.


A-K (Alpha-Kilo) Row Hangar Layout
L (Lima) Row Hangar Layout
M (Mike) Row Hangar Layout

Hangar Policies
Hangar Lease Agreement


There are active wailtlists for both T-Hangars and Executive Box Hangars at KTRK.
T-Hangar Waitlist Application
T-Hangar Transfer Application
Executive Hangar Waitlist Application
Waitlist Credit Card Authorization Form


36'6" to 49'6" door width

Executive Hangar

55' to 64'6" door width

End Pocket

19'6" door width