Fly Aware Program

TTAD has developed an innovative pilot safety awareness program that addresses the unique challenges of a mountain airport. The program includes hosting regional safety seminars, conducting out-of-area road shows designed to educate pilots before they visit, posting signage around the airport, and hosting the "Ask a Local" program where local pilots staff the UNICOM Operations Center.

  • Density Altitude - In the summer, density altitudes often exceed 9,000'
  • Weight and Balance - Check CG within limits and below max gross weight
  • Fuel Mixture - Lean for higher elevation performance
  • Wind Shear - Terrain can cause shifting winds
  • Wildlife - Deer, coyotes and an occasional bear can be seen on runways
  • Be Alert for Aircraft - See and avoid aircraft, communicate your position 

If you're unsure about operations near, on or around our airport, please call UNICOM to speak with our friendly airport staff - many of whom are local pilots who can help you plan your trip safely.  530-587-4119 x 100