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➤ FAA designated CLASS D airspace started March 29, 2018 at KTRK during tower operational hours. Surface - 2,500' AGL, 4.2 NM radius. * Tower operational hours: Winter 7am-6pm, Spring starting May 14 - 7am-7pm, Summer starting June 15 - 7am-8pm.


TOWER/CTAF: 120.575 Mhz / AWOS: 118.0 Mhz / UNICOM-FBO: 122.95 Mhz / GROUND: 118.3 *when Tower is in operation / Oakland Center: 127.95 Mhz



$5.28 JET A

$5.31 JET A with prist

CAA Member jet fuel pricing available

  • AV Trip Points Awarded for Jet Fuel purchases at 2 points per gallon
  • AVFuel Contract Fuel Accepted

$5.25 100LL Self Serve

$5.80 100LL Full Service

  • An additional "Roll-Fee" of $25 will be charged for all Full Service 100LL fuel deliveries of less than 10 gallons.


  • Full Service 100LL and Jet-A available 7am to 7pm
  • Self Service 100LL available 7am to 9pm

Fuel Order Form

Link to downloadable Fuel Order form
FAX Completed forms to UNICOM at 530-587-2984 / UNICOM Desk 530-587-4119 x 100
* A phone call to UNICOM must accompany the Faxed signed Fuel/Service Order. Payment method must be prearranged.

Other Aviation Services

  • GPU and LAV Services available for a fee from 7:00am to 5:30pm
  • Aircraft Tug Services available for a fee from 7:00am to 5:00pm
  • Drinking water cart service is available for a fee from 7:00am to 5:00pm
  • Be aware: De-ice services are NOT available at KTRK

Airport Master Fee Schedule

Master Fee Schedule in affect starting 3.01.2017

Tiedowns & Overnight

  • 210 paved tie-downs available for transient parking
  • Overnight fees are minimal
  • Transient T and Executive Hangars are available as first-come, first-served

Parking Fees

Master Fee Schedule in affect starting 3.01.2017
* Transient Use fees for aircraft over 5,500lbs (helicopters over 3,000lbs) may be waived with a minimum fuel purchase.