Snow Day

12.1.2018 5:17pm local (by: DVQ)

Both Runways 11/29 & 2/20 OPEN

12.1.2018 9:40am local (by: DVQ)

Currently snowing, 4" of dry snow on field
NOTAMS issued. Runways 11/29 & 2/20 are CLOSED through at least 3pm local
Plowing in progress.

12.1.2018 7:12am local (by: DVQ)

Currently lightly snowing, with about 1" of dry snow on field.
Both runways 11/29 & 2/20 OPEN but FICON NOTAMS issued

11.29.2018 12:54pm local (by: MC)

Currently lightly snowing, runways wet. Winter storm warning is in effect.
NOTAMS canceled. Both runways 11/29 & 2/20 OPEN.
Hangar Rows: J, K, L, M are fully plowed. The odd side of F & even side of G are plowed.
Plowing in progress in all other hangar rows.

11.29.2018 7:00am local (by: mrl)

Currently snowing, 3"-4" on field, heavy thick wet snow
NOTAMS issued, 11/29 & 2/20 CLOSED
Plowing in progress

11.23.2018 7:45am local (by: mrl)

Inclement weather continues. Drizzle snow mix.
Both rwys 11/29 & 2/20 OPEN, but FICON NOTAMS issued for wet slushy conditions.
Expect possible thin layer < 1" of slush on runways, taxiways and in hangar row taxilanes.

11.22.2018 9:45am local (by: mrl)

NOTAMS canceled -
Both rwys 11/29 & 2/20 now OPEN as of 9:27am local
Hangar rows, not plowed, expecting above freezing temps and solar effect to clear the 1" of sloppy wet snow.
More snow in the forecast, so check conditions regularly

11.22.2018 7:45am local (by: mrl)

Both rwys 11/29 & 2/20 CLOSED at least thru 10:30am local
1"+ of heavy wet snow on rwys.
Rwy plowing in progress. No plowing currently in hangar rows.
Currently snowing. Snow events coming in waves.

* Attention Pilots: Send all snow day flight activity notices and snow clearing requests to, so we know how to help!


Check live 360 degree webcam:

Check weather forecast:  

Please remember the snow removal priorities that were discussed at the Winter Operations Speaking Event:
- Landside roads & parking (so we can get to work)
- Care Flight
- Runways & Taxiways
- Airside terminal ramp, businesses and Control Tower

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