Snow Day

Jan 1.7.2019 1:29pm local (by: MC)

Snow has ceased for now. Ceiling is broken at 9500'.
Both Runways 11/29 and 2/20 are OPEN, NOTAM's have been cancelled.
Hangar rows A, B , F, G are cleared
Plowing is in progress in C (East side) D (West side), E, F, H, J, K, L, M, N, P hangar rows.

Jan 1.7.2019 8:14am local (by: MC)

Currently snowing with a 3500' ceiling. Very heavy, wet snow fell overnight and snow removal efforts are underway
Both Runways 11/29 and 2/20 are closed for snow removal
Hangar rows are not plowed. Snow removal will take a substantial amount of time due to the density of the wet snow.

Jan 1.6.2019 4:27pm local (by: DVQ)

Heavy snow falling with near whiteout conditions.
Technically both runways 11/29 & 2/20 are open but there is 8" of dry snow accumulated and plowing has ceased for the day.
FICON NOTAMS have been issued.

Jan 1.6.2019 8:26am local (by: DVQ)

Currently lightly snowing with snow predicted until Monday morning
Both runways 11/29 & 2/20 CLOSED until at least 4pm NOTAMS have been issued

Jan 1.5.2019 8:34pm local (by: MC)

Heavy snow falling, 500' ceiling and a winter storm warning in effect until 0400 Monday
All Runways (11/29 & 2/20) contaminated with 3+ inches of wet snow. FICON NOTAMS issued

Jan 1.5.2019 4:31pm local (by: DVQ)

Heavy snow falling with over 1/4" of wet snow accumulated
Both runways 11/29 & 2/20 currently OPEN but FICON NOTAMS issued

Jan 1.5.2019 2:22pm local (by: DVQ)

Snow currently blowing in with strong winds
Both runways 11/29 & 2/20 currently OPEN

Dec 12.25.2018 2:45pm local (by: MC)

Skies are clearing
Runway 2/20 OPEN
Runway 11/29 OPEN 100% wet with 1/4 inch of slush

Dec 12.25.2018 9:05am local (by: MC)

Low, Overcast 1700' ceiling and light snow falling.
Both runways 11/29 and 2/20 CLOSED . NOTAMS have been issued.

Dec 12.17.2018 8:49am local (by: DVQ)

Storm has ended and skies are mostly clear above the airfield
Less than 1/2" of snow on runways

* Attention Pilots: Send all snow day flight activity notices and snow clearing requests to, so we know how to help!


Check live 360 degree webcam:

Check weather forecast:  

Please remember the snow removal priorities that were discussed at the Winter Operations Speaking Event:
- Landside roads & parking (so we can get to work)
- Care Flight
- Runways & Taxiways
- Airside terminal ramp, businesses and Control Tower

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