Snow Day

2.26.2023 9:16am local (by: DVQ)

A trace of snow here overnight that made for slippery conditions this morning
FICONS of 1/1/1 for Runway 2/20
All hangars accessible by aircraft just in time for another round of big snowfall coming soon...

2.25.2023 3:01pm local (by: DVQ)

All hangars accessible except the following:
B (east) through F (west), G (east), H

2.25.2023 1:20pm local (by: DVQ)

Runways Now Open!
Hangar rows accessible by vehicle only but will be opening to aircraft throughout the day

2.25.2023 11:58am local (by: DVQ)

Runways are in final phases of clearing. Expected Time of Opening 1PM
Hangars are accessible by vehicle so far but please yield for snow removal equipment
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2.25.2023 10:06am local (by: JS)

Due to staffing availability (all hands on deck with long hours plowing snow), the terminal building will CLOSE at 5:30 pm today. Red Truck Cafe is open today 9 am - 3 pm.

2.25.2023 9:21am local (by: DVQ)

Snow let up last night and crews have made significant progress this morning
High confidence in runway(s) opening today
Next update around noon

2.24.2023 9:36am local (by: DVQ)

After reviewing the current snow and forecast our runway opening ETO has been pushed to 4pm Tomorrow (2/25)

2.24.2023 8:41am local (by: DVQ)

It's a great day to be out skiing, not a good day for flying into TRK
15" of light, powdery snow here since yesterday morning
Runways will be closed at least through this afternoon but possibly days with the snow that's forecast
Red Truck Cafe Closed Today
Monitor SnowDay, Webcam and NOTAMS for updates through this series of storms

2.23.2023 4:32pm local (by: DVQ)

Runways will remain closed until at least tomorrow afternoon (2/24)
Hangars accessible with about 3" of light snow on the ground

2.23.2023 1:55pm local (by: DVQ)

Blizzard-like conditions persist and crews will plow snow until about 5:30pm
Hangar rows have had preliminary snow removal and are accessible by vehicle
Monitor SnowDay and NOTAMS for updates

* Attention Pilots: Send all snow day flight activity notices and snow clearing requests to, so we know how to help!


Check live 360 degree webcam:

Check weather forecast:  

Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM):

Please remember the snow removal priorities that were discussed at the Winter Operations Speaking Event:
- Landside roads & parking (so we can get to work)
- Care Flight EMS
- Runways & Taxiways
- Airside terminal ramp, businesses and Control Tower
- Hangar row taxilanes

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