Snow Day

2.23.2023 9:04am local (by: DVQ)

5" of light snow on the airfield this morning
Runways closed for snow removal

2.21.2023 5:15pm local (by: DVQ)

AWOS crashed today and we are awaiting a repair
ATC Staff will report Wx during tower hours

2.21.2023 3:30pm local (by: DVQ)

Truckee went from spring conditions to hard IFR with snow flurries and gusts up to 39 knots
Expect periodical runway closures for snow removal beginning tomorrow
Monitor NOTAMS and SnowDay for updates

2.11.2023 1:13pm local (by: DVQ)

Runways now open
Hangar rows are accessible

2.11.2023 10:31am local (by: DVQ)

Runway plowing has begun

2.11.2023 8:52am local (by: DVQ)

Light snow began falling this morning
Runways closed due to ice
Monitor NOTAMS and Snow Day for updates

2.6.2023 1:30pm local (by: JS)

All KTRK hangar rows accessible by aircraft by 14:00 local.
CAUTION watch for and give-right-of-way to snow removal equipment

2.6.2023 12:00pm local (by: JS)

Runways 11-29 and 2-20 OPEN at Noon (12:00 local) as well as 100LL self-serve fuel
FBO services open at 14:00 local

2.6.2023 11:30am local (by: JS)

Hangar Access Update (all KTRK hangars accessible by vehicle as of 11:30 am)
West side hangars all accessible by aircraft J, K, L, M, N, P
East side hangars accessible by aircraft A, B (west), D (east), E, F, G (west)
Stay tuned for additional information
Pilots CAUTION WING TIP CLEARANCE around snow banks
Give snow removal equipment right of way

2.6.2023 9:30am local (by: JS)

~8" of new snow fell between yesterday afternoon and last night.
Runways and FBO services are scheduled to open at 14:00 local today.
Stayed tuned for hangar row access information as plowing progresses.
Pilots check NOTAMS

* Attention Pilots: Send all snow day flight activity notices and snow clearing requests to, so we know how to help!


Check live 360 degree webcam:

Check weather forecast:  

Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM):

Please remember the snow removal priorities that were discussed at the Winter Operations Speaking Event:
- Landside roads & parking (so we can get to work)
- Care Flight EMS
- Runways & Taxiways
- Airside terminal ramp, businesses and Control Tower
- Hangar row taxilanes

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