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Paul "Speedy" Fast

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Term 10/01/2017 - 09/30/2020

Paul “Speedy” Fast is a 27-year general aviation pilot, a 26-year Air Force flight officer, small business owner and full-time resident of the North Tahoe area. Paul’s civilian and military aviation experience is matched by his passion for the health, safety and welfare of our North Tahoe communities. As an Air Force Reservist, Paul has served in command roles at Squadron, Group, Wing and Number Air Force levels, with surrounding community interface with military flight operations as a central part of those command responsibilities. As President & CEO of Flight Research Associates, Paul’s day-to-day work includes working closely with NASA and the FAA in supporting research and development relating to next generation flight and air traffic management technologies. Paul brings these relevant experiences to ACAT, striving for effective, responsible and safe integration of key aviation activities with our precious communities and environment.