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The Truckee Tahoe Airport District recommends Noise Abatement Procedures for aircraft departing and arriving in visual conditions. If an aircraft has created annoyance for you or your community please contact us using the following form or call us at 530-587-4119. We will complete the following in response to all calls regarding aircraft annoyance:

  1. Return a call or e-mail to your household and discuss your concerns
  2. Try to determine the offending aircraft
  3. Try to determine if the aircraft followed a recommended path
  4. Try to contact the aircraft pilot and operator
  5. Try to counsel the pilot or operator regarding our community annoyance reduction measures
  6. Use this interaction to reinforce our commitment to safety
  7. Create a relationship that promotes communication with our aviation and community members

Truckee Tahoe Airport

10356 Truckee Airport Road
Truckee, CA 96161

(530) 587-4119 or 1-800-FLY-2TRK
Fax: (530) 587-2984
AWOS: (530) 587-4599
Reno AFSS: 1-800-992-743

Noise mitigation handbook Click here the for Noise and Annoyance Handbook, Updated December 2016