Your Truckee Tahoe Airport District Board of Directors and Staff are working hard to implement and grow environmentally conscientious programs here at KTRK that include:

- Selling exclusively SAF Jet-A (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) in 2024 and beyond.

- Maintaining airport owned properties like the 1,400 acre Waddle Ranch and the Ponderosa Golf Course for public use, open space forestry management and wildfire prevention.

- Increasing the use of electric vehicles and air support equipment around the airfield.

- Switching to LED lighting at the airport, and participating in the Dark Skies Truckee initiative.

- Being a founding member and supporter of the Tahoe region's Climate Transformation Alliance (CTA), launched in July 2022.  

The Truckee Tahoe Airport District is a founding member and supporter of the Climate Transformation Alliance (CTA), launched in July 2022.  The CTA is a regional public-private partnership of local governments, special districts, community organizations, businesses, and individuals committed to collaboration, innovation, and accountability through a governing body and shared vision for the North Tahoe-Truckee community to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2045! 

For more information on the CTA visit: 
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➤ CTA - Climate Transformation Alliance