Art At The Airport

About the Featured Artists:

Truckee Tahoe Airport Regional Art Exhibit / April 23, 2019 - July 22, 2019

Medium artist   janelle marie Janelle Marie is originally from the Southwest, and now calls Nevada City California her home. Her artworks span the genres of human and animal portraiture, sports, abstracts, and landscapes, painted on canvas or plywood. Janelle produces artworks that are designed for high end mountain homes. She enjoys working with interior designers to create one on one exclusivity for private commissions. View Janelle’s portfolio at and contact her directly at  530-798-8268.

Medium artist   pam mcadoo Pam McAdoo has been drawing and painting all of her life. She studied art in Florence Italy before completing an undergraduate degree in Fine Art at Antioch College. In 1995, she completed a Masters in Illustration at Syracuse University, and was awarded an MFA by the University of Hartford in 2007. Pam taught art and design at Sierra College in Truckee for many years, and recently moved her art studio to Reno NV. See more of Pam’s watercolors and drawings at

Medium artist   beau kissler Beau Kissler grew up on the island of Maui, where the ocean and mountain jungles were his playground, temple, and part-time caretaker. He moved to the Lake Tahoe area  where he earned his degree in Psychology at Sierra Nevada College, and published a research experiment on the effects and impacts of mediation on creativity. Beau’s paintings are windows into a place where psychological energy and physical matter meet. Enjoy more of Beau’s artworks at

Medium artist   carole sesko Carole Sesko is a Truckee-based artist working in mixed media. Trained in design as well as art, Carole graduated from UC Davis and Simon’s Rock College. Balancing composition, form, texture, color, and iridescence to create a unified whole, her work is process-driven, inspired by music, and by studying our geographical environment. See more of Carole’s art at

If you would like to purchase an artwork, please remove the artwork’s identifying tag from the wall and bring it upstairs to Airport Operations. You may pay for the artwork there, and take the artwork with you. If you need special delivery or shipping, please provide your contact information to Airport Operations. The artist will then contact you directly to make arrangements. Thank you!

About TRK's Art Coordinator and Art Displays:

Walk into the Truckee Tahoe Airport’s main terminal building, and you’ll immediately notice the captivating, eclectic and inspiring artwork hanging on its walls.

“Art At The Airport”, a program now in its fifth year, was developed by local Truckee resident and artist, Carole Sesko. As coordinator and curator, Carole creatively designs the exhibit displays featuring local and regional artists. The artwork not only adds color and intrigue to the building, but also gives artists the opportunity to showcase and even sell their artwork.

The exhibits change seasonally, enhancing the airport terminal with 25-30 new displays of paintings, mosaics, photography and more. The artwork gets great exposure with all the terminal traffic; from people departing or arriving on flights, to those attending functions in the meeting rooms or from folks just stopping by to enjoy a great meal and good company at the ever popular Red Truck Café, (Mon -Sat 9-3).

“Ninety percent of our artists are local or regional. Once in a while, we’ll add art from out of the area to expose the community to a new artist. We’ve featured artists from Boston to Berkeley,” said Sesko.

Carole approached the Truckee Tahoe Airport District Board of Directors with the “Art At The Airport” proposal back in 2011 when the new terminal building was just under construction. “For us it’s a great way to provide additional benefit and value to the greater community, and it fills our walls with beautiful art,” said Kevin Smith, General Manager of the airport. “It’s been very successful; we’ve received a lot of positive public comment and we want it to continue indefinitely.”

The “Art At The Airport” program is mutually beneficial, both for the artists to exhibit their work in a clean, bright, well trafficked venue and for the community to be exposed to talent and the vast array of quality artwork found in our region. In the last four years, Sesko said she’s received a lot of positive feedback from the program and feels the exposure has expanded interest and inspiration in our local artists.

In both 2015 & 2016, Sesko attended AAAE’s (American Association of Airport Executives) “Art At The Airport” conferences in Dallas, Texas and Minneapolis, St. Paul to learn how other airports were integrating art into their terminals and other spaces. “I met public art specialists and curators from around the country, mostly from larger airports such as Dallas Fort Worth, LAX, Chicago O’Hare, etc... Truckee Tahoe was one of the smallest airports represented. I was pleased to realize that our public art program is progressive, and we have advantages in our smaller sized airport. There are many ways to enhance the visitors experience at the airport and communicate our unique regional identity through the use of public art,” Sesko said.

If you are an artist and are interested in having your work considered for a future exhibit at Truckee Tahoe Airport, please contact Carole at:, or leave a message for her at the airport UNICOM Customer Service desk upstairs in the main terminal building. Come visit us at the Truckee Tahoe Airport and don’t forget to take a few moments to enjoy the impressive views, both on the walls and out the windows!