Plane Talk

Plane Talk, Noise & Annoyance and KTRK Mitigation Efforts

The PLANE TALK page attempts to provide District Constituents with a host of information on  Noise & Annoyance and the Airport District's mitigation efforts and programs.

Like Interstate 80, Truckee Tahoe Airport (KTRK) is part of the Federal Transportation System.  We do not market for, or encourage increased flight operations at the airport, we only respond to what arrives.  With a vibrant and growing Truckee-Tahoe population and economy, flight operation numbers are up year over year for 2019 - to a total of 36,379  (take offs and landings counted separately).

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How is KTRK mitigating noise and annoyance?
- Working with our air traffic control tower to increase our communication with pilots in regards to our Noise Abatement Procedures and dispersing air traffic on different runways
- Creating new arrival and departure procedures that can reduce the noise footprint and overflight time over the Truckee Tahoe community 
- Implemented an Airport Community Hotline 530.587.4119 Press 3. Your Comments Matter we log, research, and follow up on every single comment
- Designed a geo-referenced Noise Abatement Overlay to assist pilots in accurately flying in KTRK’s Class D Airspace 
- Creating runway signs that will aid pilots in a last minute review of VFR departures
- Maintaining a robust website that provides pilots with information and clear directives as to our Noise & Annoyance Abatement Program and what is expected of them
- Constantly innovating our Noise Office and being on the forefront of industry Noise Mitigation
- Hired a full-time Pilot & Passenger Outreach Coordinator, who's job is pilot and passenger outreach and education particularly regarding noise abatement procedures
- Hired a full time Noise Associate, who's job is investigating noise comments and speaking with District constituents
- Coordinate Road Show Seminars at regional airports from which many of our transient pilots originate from, to build awareness about safety influences related to our airspace and also inform them of our Noise Abatement Procedures and Voluntary Curfew.  In 2019 over 700 aviators have attended these seminars
- Building a Fly Quiet Rewards Program available to pilots who will be incentivized for ‘flying quiet’
- Developed a KTRK Familiarization Program to pay local Certified Flight Instructors to educate pilots about KTRK's airspace and noise abatement procedures
Visit Charter Flight Departments to ensure our prescribed Noise Abatement Procedures are being articulated and disseminated to their pilots


➤  FAA - Community Involvement Manual

➤   FAA Guide To Low Flying Aircraft

➤   Report Noise Directly to the FAA


➤ General Noise & Annoyance Information Flyer


Did you know that the Truckee Tahoe Airport advocates for better and cheaper commercial air service out of Reno Tahoe International Airport for our District constituents?

The Regional Air Service Committee (RASC) was formed in June 2001 to assist the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority (RTAA) in providing incentives to maintain and grow air service and to promote the Reno-Tahoe area as a year-round leisure travel destination as well as a hub for an expanding business community and business convention and meeting destination. The organization was officially incorporated in the state of Nevada in February 2015 as the Regional Air Service Corporation (RASC). The purpose of the corporation is to bring together public and private organizations and businesses to contribute marketing dollars and expertise to position the Reno-Sparks-Lake Tahoe region as one destination, to focus on identifying national and international markets, to increase quality air service to and from the Reno-Tahoe International Airport and to target common tourism and business industry concerns for cooperative action.
If you are interested in becoming a contributing member of RASC please email

➤ Click here for more info about RASC and KTRK's involvement.