Snow Day

1.3.2024 1:39pm local (by: DVQ)

All hangar rows have now been plowed
Ramp and Transient Parking now clear
East Ramp currently being plowed

1.3.2024 12:04pm local (by: MRL)

Runways 11/29 and 02/20 Open as of Noon 1/3/2024 (NOTAM dropped)
West side hangar rows (J-P) clear
East side hangar rows (A-H) actively being plowed
Watch out for snow removal equipment on the airfield!
FBO Services to open at 3:00 pm local

1.3.2024 8:27am local (by: DVQ)

About 2” of light snow fell overnight
Runways Closed For Snow Removal
Expected opening by 1pm today (NOTAM)
Hangar rows will NOT be plowed, allowing for solar melting
FBO Services closed until 3pm

12.7.2023 10:58am local (by: DVQ)

Hangar rows will be left to melt out naturally
Currently about 1/2" of snow in hangar rows

12.7.2023 8:52am local (by: DVQ)

About 2-3" of wet snow fell and partially froze overnight
Lots of sun shining this morning will help expedite the cleanup
Next post will be around midday unless runways open sooner

12.1.2023 8:40am local (by: MRL)

KTRK received ~ 1"+ of snow over night
All runways are open with braking action reported at 2/2/2
Vehicles operating around the airfield should watch for snow removal equipment and give right of way
Hangar rows and ramp area have not been cleared.

4.18.2023 10:21am local (by: JS)

NOTAM will be lifted and both runways will be open by 11:00 am local. Ops did not clear hangar rows as the mid April sun will melt them quickly, but expect residual snow in hangar rows. Watch out for snow removal equipment on the airfield. Full FBO services will be available by 11:00 am.

4.18.2023 8:48am local (by: JS)

What a nice spring surprise of snow last night! We got between 3-4” of accumulation, the team is rapidly clearing runways & taxiways, and mother nature is doing a great job with thermal heating. We anticipate beating the airfield closure NOTAM which is currently 2:00 PM Local and will update as the team makes progress. We will not be clearing hangar rows, but allowing the mid April solar effect to melt the snow. Watch out for snow removal equipment when walking or driving on the airfield.

4.3.2023 10:57am local (by: JS)

Runways open as of 11:00 local. FBO services available as of 11:00 local. Pilots check NOTAMS for latest KTRK airfield updates.

4.3.2023 9:17am local (by: JS)

Runways CLOSED until noon. No braking on runways due to snow over ice. 4" of lite snow fell overnight. FBO services open at noon. Most wing tip clearance restrictions anticipated to be removed at 18:00 local. All hangars accessible. Pilots check NOTAMS. Watch out for snow removal equipment when walking or driving on airport property.

* Attention Pilots: Local tenants with tentative flight schedules planned (post snow events), can send priority hangar snow clearing requests to


Check live 360 degree webcam:

Check weather forecast:  

Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM): 

Please remember the snow removal priorities that were discussed at the Winter Operations Speaking Event:
- Landside roads & parking (so we can get to work)
- Care Flight EMS
- Runways & Taxiways
- Airside terminal ramp, businesses and Control Tower
- Hangar row taxilanes

Winter Ops Fact Sheet 2023-2024

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