Ninety Nines Offer Scholarships To Women In Aviation

Aug 22, 2016


RENO HIGH SIERRA CHAPTER NINETY NINES International Organization of Women Pilots 2016

$7,000 IN SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS OFFERED TO WOMEN: - $2,500 toward a Private Pilot Certificate - $3,500 toward an Advanced Rating - $1,000 toward Recurrency

CRITERIA: Limited to female student pilots and female pilots who reside within a 99 nautical mile radius of the Reno Tahoe International Airport Including the area north of Hwy 50 to the Utah, Idaho and Oregon borders. Scholarship is applicable to any category of aircraft i.e. airplane, glider, rotorcraft, lighter-than-air and powered lift. -Recurrency pilot applicants must be at least 3 years out of currency. -Student pilots must have soloed by the application deadline. -Advanced pilots must have completed at least 5 hours of flight training towards advanced rating/license with a CFI at the time of application.


Elizabeth Collins or Lynn Meadows @ (530) 412-0932 or (530) 587-7281 or email: or

FOR AN APPLICATION, WRITE TO: Reno High Sierra 99s P.O. Box 12863 Reno, NV 89510 OR Download PDF version of application at:

APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY Friday - October 21, 2015 Some restrictions apply