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The Truckee Tahoe Airport is a community airport that provides high quality aviation facilities and services to meet local needs, and strives for low impact on our neighbors while enhancing the benefit to the community-at-large.

The Truckee Tahoe Airport District Welcomes You!

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Saturday, July 9, 2016 from 9am - 4pm

Incredible aerial shows and amazing ramp displays! Fun for the entire family!

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SUMMER 2016 AC Construction Projects at TRK

As part of continuing efforts to maintain Airport facilities and improve safety, four FAA-sponsored projects are planned totaling $5 million this summer. Ninety percent of the funding will come from the FAA, while 10 percent comes from the District.
NOTAMS will be issued for all projects affecting air traffic operations. With a short construction window between May and September, scheduling can be challenging, but all tenants will be kept informed on construction dates as they are confirmed.
* Golf/Hotel Hangar Row Taxilane Reconstruction. 6-8 weeks. Delayed from 2015 due to FAA funding. Airport impact - Golf and Hotel hangar tenants displaced.
* Jet Ramp Reconstruction. 4-6 weeks. This project should have minimal impacts but will reduce available aircraft overflow parking spaces.
* Ramp Side Apron Widening between Delta and Foxtrot Taxiways. 4 weeks. This project will impact large aircraft parking options in front of the terminal, and may limit taxing options airside of the terminal building.
* Parallel Taxi Way Alpha Reconstruction. 6-8 weeks, impacts may be significant with 11-29 NOTAM advised closures. This project may require taxi and back taxi operations on runway 11-29, pushing the majority of operations to runway 2-20.


KTRK CAUTIONS: Mountainous Terrain / High Density Altitude / Glider Activity / High Field Elevation / Wind Gusts / Wildlife
KTRK: RWY 02 - Arrival from the North (VFR)
KTRK: RWY 02 - Departure "Preferred Calm Wind Departure Runway" (VFR)
KTRK: RWY 1 1 - Arrival from the South Southeast (VFR) NEW!
KTRK: RWY 1 1 - Departure to the Northwest (VFR)
KTRK: RWY 20 - Arrival Gateway (VFR)
KTRK: RWY 20 - Departure Left 270° to the West (VFR)
KTRK: RWY 29 - Arrival Gateway (VFR)
KTRK: RWY 29 - Departure Bypass (VFR)


Rides! Lessons! Pilot Certification! Gift Certificates! & more! Click heading for information.

Click heading to see the Skydive Truckee Tahoe Drop Zone (DZ) at KTRK

Thanks to all that attended Tony's talk on "Personal and Professional Discipline and High Performance as a Life Style"

KTRK is taking public comment on it's Primary Management & Compliance Documents thru June 10, 2016. Click heading for more details.

TTAD is requesting proposals for an Airport Economic Impact Study. Click on heading for details.

All affected hangar tenants need to have planes and vehicles that they will need in the next 8 weeks removed by Sunday, May 01, 2016. Cl...

Recruitment Now Closed. Click heading for full details.

KTRK, the Sugar Pine Foundation and Local SELS Students Team Up To Plant Sugar Pines on Earth Day 4/22/2016. Click heading for full story.

An interesting bio on airport personality & pilot Laurel Lippert. Click on heading for full story.

KTRK's EAA Chapter 1073 awards 3 Young Eagle student scholarships to the 2016 Oshkosh Fly In. Click heading for full details.


Welcome from the General Manager

Since 1958, the Truckee Tahoe Airport District has been providing a high quality, safe facility for pilots, visitors and the community. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountain range at an elevation of 5,900 feet, twelve miles from Lake Tahoe, we promise one of the most scenic flight and visiting experiences in the world. We are proud of our pilot safety and community programs, state-of-art energy saving facilities and top notch staff and leadership. We are committed to offering the best small, mountain airport in the Country.

Kevin Smith, General Manager

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