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The Truckee Tahoe Airport is a community airport that provides high quality aviation facilities and services to meet local needs, and strives for low impact on our neighbors while enhancing the benefit to the community-at-large.

The Truckee Tahoe Airport District Welcomes You!

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COMING - SATURDAY, JULY 8th, 9am - 4pm

Click here for all this year's exciting event details! Hope to see you there!

Great fun for the whole family! FREE ADMISSION and FREE PARKING!
Please leave your dogs at home, the ramp asphalt is hot and the planes are noisy!


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Your Truckee Tahoe Airport District was again honored to be awarded the Special District Leadership Foundation (SDLF) "District Transparency Certificate of Excellence." The District had to meet or exceed stringent qualifications in order to be awarded the certification. SDLF is an independent, non-profit organization formed to promote good governance and best practices among California’s special districts through certification, accreditation and other recognition programs. The SDLF and its activities are supported by the California Special Districts Association and the Special District Risk Management Authority. For more info please visit:


KTRK CAUTIONS: Mountainous Terrain / High Density Altitude / Glider Activity / High Field Elevation / Wind Gusts / Wildlife
KTRK: RWY 02 - Arrival from the North (VFR)
KTRK: RWY 02 - Departure "Preferred Calm Wind Departure Runway" (VFR)
KTRK: RWY 1 1 - Arrival from the South Southeast (VFR) NEW!
KTRK: RWY 1 1 - Departure to the Northwest (VFR)
KTRK: RWY 20 - Arrival Gateway (VFR)
KTRK: RWY 20 - Departure Left 270° to the West (VFR)
KTRK: RWY 29 - Arrival Gateway (VFR)
KTRK: RWY 29 - Departure Bypass (VFR)


May 27, 2017

KTRK's Tower Open House was a big success with hundreds attending! Folks got to climb the stairs to the top of the tower, talked to staff and air traffic controllers, and checked out the phenomenal scenic views from 48' above the runways!

May 24, 2017

KTRK is seeking "Requests For Proposals" from interested parties wanting aeronautical use of the yet to be built Hangar 2 structure. Click heading for details.

Stop by the terminal building on any Friday, from 4-5pm during the months of May and June and bring your questions! Click heading for more info.

KTRK had a total of 32,524 flight operations in the calendar year 2016. The FAA determines a take-off to be counted as one operation and a landing to be a second. Click on heading for more on this story.

The airport's Warehouse Office Building (WOB) Open House event was well attended. Guests got to see the great new facilities of Clear Capital, Enterprise and Hertz, and enjoyed gourmet tacos from the airport's own Red Truck! Click heading for more info.

Did you know that KTRK lobbys for you through "RASC" attracting great airfare deals and routes out of Reno Tahoe International. Click heading for great airfares and the full story.

Your Truckee Tahoe Airport District is spearheading a Truckee Bikeshare program called "Zagster" this coming summer. Click on heading for the full story.

How does the KTRK staff manage its noise and annoyance program? Click heading for more information.

The Airport District has several construction projects planned for this upcoming summer and is requesting bids. Click heading for more detailed information.


Welcome from the General Manager

Since 1958, the Truckee Tahoe Airport District has been providing a high quality, safe facility for pilots, visitors and the community. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountain range at an elevation of 5,900 feet, twelve miles from Lake Tahoe, we promise one of the most scenic flight and visiting experiences in the world. We are proud of our pilot safety and community programs, state-of-art energy saving facilities and top notch staff and leadership. We are committed to offering the best small, mountain airport in the Country.

Kevin Smith, General Manager

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