Noise Abatement

Runway 29 Arrival



TOWER/CTAF: 120.575 Mhz / ATIS: 118.0 Mhz / UNICOM-FBO: 122.95 Mhz / GROUND: 118.3 *when Tower is in operation / Oakland Center: 127.95 Mhz


06/01 - 09/30,  07:00 - 20:00 local (Summer)
10/01 - 03/31,  07:00 - 18:00 local (Fall/Winter) 
04/01- 05/31,  07:00 - 19:00 local (Spring)

Airport and Community Solutions to Reduce Noise

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Voluntary NO FLY Curfew 10 pm - 7 am. Help support the airport's "Good Neighbor" policy!

In 2001, TTAD developed a set of procedures for arriving and departing flights designed to minimize impacts to the community. Thank you for working with us by adhering to the following procedures.

  • Runway 2 is the preferred departure runway for noise abatement.
  • If doing multiple touch and go’s, please alternate runways every three laps when wind and traffic permit. It is the pilot’s responsibility to make the request and ATC will accommodate when able.
  • Use best angle (Vx) for first 500 feet . . . then best rate (Vy) to achieve maximum altitude. Intersection departures are discouraged.
  • Avoid shallow climbs and gain as much altitude as safely possible before leaving the airport environment.
  • Avoid flight over residential areas. Arrivals and departures over highways are preferred.
  • Pattern altitude: 7,000 light aircraft. 7,500 heavy aircraft.
  • There is a voluntary curfew on arrivals and departures between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. As part of our "Good Neighbor" policy, we ask that you respect this curfew.
  • We limit hours of service and fuel to discourage night operations.

Video Series

KTRK: RWY 02 - Arrival from the North (VFR)
KTRK: RWY 02 - Departure "Preferred Calm Wind Departure Runway" (VFR) NEW!
KTRK: RWY 1 1 - Arrival from the South Southeast (VFR) NEW!
KTRK: RWY 1 1 - Departure to the Northwest (VFR)
KTRK: RWY 20 - Arrival Gateway (VFR)
KTRK: RWY 20 - Departure Left 270° to the West (VFR)
KTRK: RWY 29 - Arrival Gateway (VFR)
KTRK: RWY 29 - Departure Bypass (VFR)  

Hangar Tenant Incentives

  • Hangar tenants receive lease incentives when they comply with voluntary "Fly Quiet" flight curfew restrictions. For further details on all hangar rental rate discount incentives, please visit the  Hangar Information Page or contact Jill McClendon (530) 587 4119 x127 or Marc Lamb (530) 587-4119 x126 Monday - Friday.