TTAD Board and Management Goals 2018

May 03, 2018

Truckee Tahoe Airport District

2018 District Goals

  • Reduce annoyance and enhance safety by fully leveraging air traffic control services, extensive pilot outreach, and noise abatement procedures;
  • Continue to advance ADS-B/surveillance, charted procedure development, and air traffic control tower services to reduce annoyance, enhance safety and prepare for 2020 ADS-B mandate;
  • Complete Hangar 1 and Executive Hangar projects on time and on budget.  Study and consider design, programing, and construction options for a new Hangar 2;
  • Complete Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan and begin implementation of mitigation measures including solar power and other green initiatives;
  • Maintain existing and seek new community partnerships with local agencies and non-profits that benefit the District at large;
  • Recognize and support an engaged, happy, and productive District workforce;
  • Assure ALL employees are equipped with quality customer service skills and standards. Assure Noise Office has resources, tools, and training to be successful in responding to constituents;
  • Assure there is fair and equitable distribution of District resources, programs, funding, sponsorships, and partnerships to all areas of the District;
  • Be a leader and partner in efforts to solve the local workforce housing crisis.