Capital Public Radio Airport Master Plan And Town Of Truckee G.M. Tony Lashbrook Interview

Jun 23, 2014

The Town of Truckee could be changing its land use plans. That's because managers of the airport in Truckee now believe there will be less growth over the next ten years then was previously expected prior to the recession.

Ten years ago, the Truckee Tahoe Airport District anticipated bigger planes and more of them. It planned to build parallel runways and development around the airport was restricted.

But Truckee Town Manager, Tony Lashbrook says, that growth never materialized because of the economic downturn. So, in a new master plan under review now, airport managers are backing away from expansion plans and that could change development patterns around the airport.

“Oh thousands, I mean thousands of acres are affected by the airport compatibility zones now. I don’t think its all going to change, but the changes will be subtle," says Lashbrook.

For instance, industrial zones and the rail-yard could be open for more residential or business development. Lashbrook says one of the big differences from 10 years ago, is the airport is seeking public opinion about its master plan.

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