Reporting Runway Conditions at KTRK

Nov 26, 2018

Now that snowy, icy and wet winter weather has arrived in the Sierra, how do Ops & Maintenance staff assess, and share RUNWAY CONDITION information with airport users?

A trained O&M staff member will drive on the runways, note runway surface conditions and braking action. They will then refer to the FAA's standardized "Runway Condition Assessment Matrix" chart (RCAM) for reporting braking action and runway conditions to: pilots, Air Traffic Control, fellow staff members and in Notices To Airmen reports (Field Condition - FICON NOTAMS).

The RCAM system divides each runway into thirds and reports correlating runway condition codes between 0-6, for example 4/3/3. "0" represents wet/icy and or, snowy runway conditions with no, or nil braking conditions and uncertain aircraft directional control, while a "6" on the other end of the spectrum represents a clean, clear dry runway surface.

Prior to arrival at KTRK, and/or if planning a departure, pilots can check the following sources for airfield conditions at the airport:

Check NOTAMS at:  

Check live 360 degree WEBCAM at:  

Check the airport's SNOW DAY web page at:  

For a digital copy of the FAA's RCAM chart below visit: