RWY 20 Taildragger Landing Incident

Jan 30, 2019

KTRK is reporting a non-injury aircraft incident that occurred at approximately 14:30 local yesterday (1/29/2019).

The itinerant pilot was the only person on-board. He states that the aircraft started to ground loop upon landing on Runway 20, causing him to veer off the runway (an excursion) and flip. The weather was clear with no winds.

The aircraft is a 2 seater, single engine Experimental "RoadRunner" taildragger.

Once local FAA and NTSB offices approved the incident report and released the scene, the aircraft was righted and towed to a hangar for future repairs.

Airport staff, Truckee Fire and Truckee Police arrived within minutes of the incident.

KTRK staff thanks the tower personnel and all first responders. (Photos by: Stacey Justesen & Marc Lamb)