Proposed Airport Improvement Projects

Nov 01, 2019

   Click here for a map of the proposed Taxiway A West 2020 AIP

Truckee Tahoe Airport
Posted November 1, 2019 

Project Description and Justification

 As per FAA Order 5100.38D Section 3-20 Consultation with Airport Users.  Truckee Tahoe Airport proposes to request Airport Improvement Program Grant funds for the following Project.  While this notification does not require users to provide input or agree with the proposed projects, the Airport District is providing a reasonable opportunity for users to provide input to the proposals listed below. 

Reconstruct Taxiway A (West) and Cross Taxiways B, C, D, E, and L – The Pavement Maintenance Management Plan (PMMP) prepared for Truckee Tahoe Airport shows that the pavement on Taxiways A (West), B, C, D, E, and L will fail from deep-seated distress by 2024 if forecast traffic is realized.  In order to avoid complete subgrade failure, it is recommended to reconstruct or strengthen a pavement 2 to 5 years before deep-seated failure.  As a result, by 2020 the pavement on Taxiways A (West), B, C, D, E, and L will need to be reconstructed.  This reconstruction will include pulverizing and recompacting the existing asphalt and aggregate base course and placing new crushed aggregate base course and new bituminous surface course.  This will result in raising the taxiway grade 7 inches, which will require the adjacent lights and signs to be raised to new grade. 

New airfield markings will be installed. 

Shoulder grading will also be required to accommodate the raised grade of the section. 

New retroreflective markers and guidance signs will be installed. 

The project will be bid with bid alternates broken into three phases as shown on the attached sketch map. 

Project Date:  Construction is scheduled to occur in the summer of 2020. 

Impacts:  Construction is scheduled to last 55 working days if the total project is constructed. Phase 1 only is scheduled to last 40 working days; Phase 2 only is scheduled to last 40 working days; and Phase 3 only is scheduled to last 45 working days.  Aircraft movement on Taxiway A from Taxiway E to Taxiway B will not be available during construction. Operations on Runway 11-29 west of Taxiway F will require back-taxiing on Runway 11-29.  There will be no other restrictions at the airport, and it will remain open during construction. 

Total Estimated Project Cost:  Phase 1 - $1,203,000, Phase 2 - $1,239,000, and Phase 3 - $1,384,000 with 90% funding through FAA Airport Improvement Grant.

 Comments or Questions:

 Comments or questions must be received by November 30, 2020.  Comments or questions on this notice should be directed to:

Mr. Kevin Smith, General Manager
Truckee-Tahoe Airport
10356 Truckee Airport Road
Truckee, California  96161
(530) 587-4119, Extension 105 Via e-mail at: