Turnover at the Top!

Apr 30, 2020


The top of the TRK air traffic control tower that is!

The Airport District Board of Directors and staff would like to thank retiring MidWest ATC Air Traffic Manager Karin Hardiman, for her amazing time at the helm of the TRK tower. Karin was instrumental in starting the tower operations from literally the ground up in early 2017. Karin put together an incredible team of talented controllers and helped develop protocol and procedures that keep the airspace over Truckee Tahoe safe, and help mitigate community noise and annoyance. Karin will be greatly missed and we wish her all the best in her next life chapter! (Pictured)

Taking over for Karin as the new tower Air Traffic Manager will be Mr. Lawrence Finney. Larry started at the TRK tower in December of 2017. Prior to that he had a full career working at Reno Tower/Approach control for 21 years, before he went to work for Northern California TRACON. Larry semi-retired in 2015, and went to Fallon's Naval Air Station were he worked as a Range Control Officer until he started at the Truckee Tower. Larry will be taking over for Karin as the ATM on May 3. (Pictured)

The TRK tower will continue to be staffed by a talented, experienced, and seasoned team of controllers including Alan Webster and Steve Ingebretson. Rhonda Legge will be returning as their summer seasonal controller on May 4.

Mid West ATC has also hired two new controllers to join the team. John Hurst started this past month. John is the newest full-time year round controller. His most recent experience was at Northern California TRACON.

Todd Domini will also be joining the team on May 11. Todd worked for the FAA at Burbank ATCT, and Reno ATCT/TRACON before he finished his career as a controller for the Department of Defense.

The TRK team of controllers oversees up to 40,000 flight operations a year. We wish them all the best and continued success!

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