Hangar Momentary Safety Switches

Sep 01, 2020

TTAD thanks hangar tenants for their participation.  Since the installation of the hangar door momentary safety switches, we have had ZERO INCIDENTS.  In fact, when hangar doors have malfunctioned, from either component fatigue or operator error, the hangar door has been stopped before developing into a damaging and/or dangerous condition.  Maintenance personnel were able to fix the situation more efficiently and without being put in an unsafe position.     

Part of our mission at the Truckee Tahoe Airport is to provide a high-quality aviation facility, and our employee culture and core values begin with a priority in SAFETY. To proactively manage safety, the airport installed momentary switches to ensure a human is available to stop the motion of the hangar door should something go wrong—either mechanical or human-caused.  In our most recent hangars, N & P, momentary switches were included with the new Schweiss Lift-Strap doors.   

Bi-fold hangar doors weigh several thousand pounds and mechanical parts break.  However, most incidents have developed because of human error.   Our hangar doors have been lowered onto objects such as a trash can, a coffee cup, the roof of a moving vehicle and a tail-hitch mounted bike rack because no one was monitoring the down switch.  These objects were mostly crushed, while the mechanical parts were left strained and often damaged.

Hangar doors can mechanically fail while operating.  Cables, sheaves, followers, switches, motors and drums can break or work incorrectly.  Top and bottom limit switch failure can, and has, resulted in serious cable over-wrap conditions resulting in some of the most dangerous hangar door hang-up conditions.  Bi-fold doors have opened unevenly and jumped their track and, in some instances, have totally free fallen back to the ground. ➤ https://vimeo.com/454555104

Each hangar row is maintained by a designated Operations & Maintenance staff member.  Our part of hangar safety involves inspecting and repairing frayed/elongated cables, worn sheaves, drive belts and chains, motors, rollers, latches and electrical components.  We encourage you to know your hangar maintenance worker.  Tell him or her your concerns or give them kudos for a job well done.  You can see who maintains your hangar row on the Staff page of our website along with contact info at ➤ https://truckeetahoeairport.com/administration/staff  

Hangar row A - Yale Williamson, B - Adam Duncan, C - Mike Ketron, D - Tim Bourque, E - Ryan Widen, F - Roger Pynappel, G - Sarah Person, H - Alan Feik, J - Dylan Bonnie, K - Dylan Bonnie, L - Alan Feik, M - Scott Tetzlaff, N - Derek Coons, P - Derek Coons

As a hangar tenant, your part of hangar safety is to protect yourself, the airport staff, and your assets.  It’s easy to do; just push and hold the button.  If you hear, see, smell, or even feel that something seems wrong, STOP the motion of the door.  Simply release the button.  Then, inform us so that we can efficiently fix your hangar door in a much safer position. 

Hangar door momentary switches were installed for your safety AND the safety of our staff members.