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STOL Aircraft Popular at KTRK

Jul 21, 2021

Kevin Quinn, local aircraft owner, visionary, creator and President of STOL Drag Events LLC, and the founder of the High Sierra Fly-In, is riding high on the wings of the popularity of Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) aircraft. Quinn's "STOL Drag" received a National Accreditation from the FAA and will hold events at the Reno Air Races this year!

What is a STOL Drag race you may be asking yourself? It is when two aircraft fly side-by-side as fast as they can down a 2,000 foot straightaway, land, turn around, and race back to land at the finish line. In talking with KTRK's AVCOM Manager Jill McClendon, (who oversees the airport's 230 hangars), Jill says there are now 8 permanently based STOL aircraft at KTRK and many transient visitors daily.

STOL Drag Events carries its own waiver and offers training to any and all new pilots looking to better themselves in power and energy management and directional control. After successfully completing the training course, pilots can become an official STOL Drag race pilot with race qualifications from the FAA.

Upcoming STOL events include:
-National Championship Air Races - Reno, NV, Sept 14-17, 2021
-Snake River STOL Drags - Ontario, OR, Sept 20-Oct 2, 2021
-World Championships at the High Sierra Fly-In, Northern Nevada, Dead Cow Lakebed, Oct 14-17, 2021

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