ATC Tower Wins Award

Dec 14, 2021

A big congratulation go out to KTRK's tower air-traffic-control team who were recently awarded the Western Pacific Region's "Facility of the Year" by Midwest ATC Services!!

The fantastic five person ATC team at KTRK consisting of tower manager Larry F. (pictured at the terminal building dispatch desk), Rhonda L., Steve I., Todd D., and Larry K., safely direct the movement of aircraft on our taxiways, runways and in our skies overhead.

KTRK is an FAA designated Class D airspace when the tower is in operation (winter months 07:00-18:00 daily). This means the ATC team controls the airport's "movement areas" on the ground, and an airspace from the surface to 2,500' AGL (above ground level) and within a 4.2 nautical mile radius of the airport.

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