ACT Monthly Meeting

Jun 14, 2023

WHAT IS THE AIRPORT COMMUNITY TEAM (ACT): ACT is a virtual public forum established by the General Manager to gather interested airport users and District constituents to discuss items of public interest and provide information regarding activities and programs of TTAD. ACT is meant to be a free flow of ideas and information between the District, airport users, and the general public. ACT is intended to inform and advise on policy and is not intended to set Policy of the District. Setting District policy is reserved for the Board of Directors. ACT is a method for the District to convey information to stakeholders and also a means to receive, consider, and convey public comment and sentiment regarding topics of interest to the Board of Directors at their monthly Board of Director meetings. Activities and information from ACT Forums will be reported monthly to the Board of Directors. 

You're invited to join airport General Manager Robb Etnyre and Director of Aviation Jeff Menasco for a virtual Airport Community Team "ACT" meeting on Wednesday, June 14, from 6 - 7 pm. This month's meeting topic will be on Summer Peak Period Operations! 

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