Sustainable Aviation Fuel JET-A SAF

Aug 08, 2023


Everyone doing their part to make a difference!   SAF Fuel Article, Writer Tiffany Connolly 

KTRK may be one small General Aviation Airport, but it is making one big impact when it comes to CO2 reduction.  We are now selling JETA fuel with a 75% SAF mix, making a big difference in aircraft carbon footprints.

When you book your next flight, you may not think about the environmental impact of your trip, but we all know that air travel is a significant source of carbon emissions. Worldwide, aviation accounts for 2% of all human-caused carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions (with general aviation accounting for 2% of that total), and 12% of all transportation CO2 emissions. And despite improvements in aircraft efficiency, the aviation sector’s impact on climate change is a growing concern. Click here for the rest of the story ➤ One Small Airport, One Big Impact

(Photo by Marc Lamb) Pictured: KTRK Ops & Maint Supervisor Mike Ketron fueling w/ AVFuel Neste SAF