Red Beacons Going Green

Dec 28, 2018


Your Truckee Tahoe Airport District maintains 3 Obstruction Beacons around Truckee's Martis Valley: Dry Lake, Alder Hill, and Bald Mountain. All are visible as continuous red lights during darker skies. The Dry Lake beacon is located approximately 2.75 miles east of the airport.

Airport staff is working with local solar contractors and Liberty Utilities to convert the 60' high legacy obstruction beacon tower to solar power. The project, scheduled for completion early summer 2019 will convert the obstruction beacon and flight tracking ground station to solar - enhancing fire safety by removing nearly 1.5 miles of power lines in Waddle Ranch.

Additionally, the environmental "view shed" in Martis Valley and Waddle Ranch will benefit when the power lines and poles are removed. This upgrade will be the second (Bald Mountain has already been converted) of the three beacons surrounding Martis Valley to go solar.

For more information on the Airport owned and forestry maintained 1,462 acre Waddle Ranch Preserve, (under the public open-space management of the Truckee Donner Land Trust) visit:

➤  Truckee Donner Land Trust  

➤  TTAD's Waddle Ranch Long Term Forest Management Plan